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Closed Doors

‘Closed doors’ is a short film about the global pandemic we are all experiencing. COVID-19, has changed society and lockdown has made the lively places empty. I aim to ask the question ‘Are we really in this together?’ by showing the hidden struggles that are faced behind closed doors. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the experience of poverty for many people in Britain and internationally.

This is a collaborative on-going project working directly with activists from ATD Fourth World, an anti-poverty and human rights organisation, who experience poverty directly and want to use their voices to make a difference and end poverty in the UK. This is a collective of work; the short film ‘Closed Doors’ and additional audio conversations with individuals.

The film is a reflection and reminder about the emptiness and stillness of the world during lockdown, and to bring viewers back to the places encountered on daily walks, whilst adding a focus on people during the pandemic who have been pushed to the margins of our society.

Activism is more important now than ever. Privilege can come in many forms. Learning from others and using your power and privilege to create social awareness can make a difference for marginalised groups in society. We have to address prejudice, inequality and injustice in our society. We need to ask the question: if you wouldn’t want to live like this, why should people in your own community live like this?

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